Fox Hack Tucker Carlson: ‘Everyone Benefits’ By Putting Black People In Jail (VIDEO)

The idea of “black urban crime” or “targeting of cops” being on the rise in the USA is the new century’s “Reefer Madness.”

Fox News hack Tucker Carlson thinks everyone benefits when we put black people in jail.

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Referring to the huge increase in incarceration that began in the 1990s, he thought it was some kind of huge benefit to the black community for its members to be mass incarcerated for minor drug problems with mandatory minimums added on top of it.

This all started because of a right-wing manufactured controversy about Stephen Colbert wearing a “Black Lives Matter” wristband during his show, after he received a request from a viewer to do so.

Ashley Bell, who manages the group 20/20, and presents it as a Right Wing apologist version “alternative,” to Black Lives Matter, said this:

You’ve got to have police officers at the table, you’ve got to have prosecutors, criminal justice experts, which is why the first thing 20/20 did is partner with the National Association of Black Police Officers so we can have a real discussion.

Source: Rawstory

Tucker, the ever-obnoxious, added the following:

Well, I think there is wide consensus that the Clinton administration went a little overboard in the sentencing, for sure. On the other hand, the crime rate went way down. And everyone benefited from that, particularly in black neighborhoods, which always have the highest crime rates.

Yes, when you massively incarcerate a substantial amount of the population in a neighborhood, a crime rate will go down. It does this because you are removing so many people from it, it is statistically impossible not to. What will also go down is the amount of two parent households, and future employment (due to criminal records causing job search problems). What will go UP, is future crime due to no job opportunities, and a lack of parental mentoring because 1/2 of a substantial amount of families are currently doing mandatory minimums for minor amounts of drugs.

Tucker again tried to argue, that the crime rate is going up. Murder, armed robbery, rape, all those numbers he said were going up in cities across the country. Tucker is lying yet again. The FBI announced in 2014, that the violent crime rate in the United States had dropped to the lowest level since 1978, and theBrennan Center for Justice, found the drop had little to do with increased incarceration.

At the end of the day, this is a lie. The only reason the media is spinning this narrative, is because the corporate police industrial complex wants to protect its profits. This fake uptick in “magical mystery negro crime” only started when black people began finding a voice against the institutional racism that has been going on since the 1980s. However, let us not let the actual historical facts get in the way on this one. As you can see in the video, there is more than enough reasonable sounding propaganda to go around.

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