Former Trump Associate: Trump Has ‘No Friends,’ Had To Beg ‘Co-Workers To Hang With Him’  

Many of us were led to believe that Mitt Romney was just the sad and pathetic rich kid who only had friends due to his money. Conversely, Trump appears to be more like the alt 1985 universe Biff Tannen from “Back to the Future”; that is, he scares people into wanting to be his friend due to his money and influence. But it turns out that Trump is actually just begging for friends.

Despite the fact that we’re always hearing Trump name drop some celeb or business leader with whom he claims to be great friends, the reality is quite the opposite. 

Largely getting ignored amid a sea of Trump trivia, a profile in the Metro section of the New York Times ran an article about Trump’s massive social circle. It turns out it’s neither massive, nor a circle.

He doesn’t really have a lot of friends,” Billy Procida, a New Jersey financier and former lieutenant of Trump’s, told the Times. “Pretty much all he does is work and play golf.

Shocking? A man who trashes his own friends (or lackeys) to their faces has a hard time keeping them. And yet Trump perpetually portrays himself as a popular guy with a limitless number of celebrity friends. If anything, the people who he’s shown yucking it up with, like Barbara Walters and Regis Philbin, are really just on-camera acquaintances.

Out of all the political and business and entertainment circles that we’ve moved in together over the years, I never really met anyone who was Trump’s good friend,” said the Rev. Al Sharpton. “In fact, I’ve never even met anyone who claimed to be his good friend.

Of course, self-isolation is quite common among the affluent, but Trump goes out of his way to make connections. Abe Wallach, his long-time coworker and head of acquisitions, told the Times that Trump would all but beg him to hang after clocking out for the day.

 Donald would call and say, ‘Abe, what are you doing? Marla and I are flying down to Atlantic City. You and David want to come?’” Wallach said. “I always thought: ‘Why me? I work with him all week. Isn’t there someone else?’

You’ve got to feel bad for a guy who’s forced to work with Donald all week, only to then be harassed into hanging out with him on the weekends. But according to Wallach, Trump is just hopelessly insecure.

Deep down, he’s a very nice guy, Wallach said, but he can’t let go and just be nice because he fears that people will take advantage of him. Donald is actually the most insecure man I’ve ever met. He has this constant need to fill a void inside. He used to do it with deals and sex. Now he does it with publicity.

America has yet to see the ‘nice guy’ part, but it would be quite refreshing (and ludicrous) if Trump would finally show some of this humility.

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