Former Republican Lawmaker Joe Walsh Threatens To Kill President Obama For ‘Causing’ Dallas Shooting

As the dust settles on the horrific shooting in downtown Dallas, you’ll hear a lot of confusing reports. The media is practically tripping over itself to get up-to-date posts, and “breaking news” might as well stand for “repeating what we know, making WAGs about what we don’t.”

Emotions have already run high, and input from the peanut gallery doesn’t help.

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It’s sure a good thing that Joe Walsh doesn’t realize that, isn’t it? I mean, how else would he run off at the mouth and manage to blame Obama for this if he waited until there were actual facts (he’d inevitably ignore)?

“Cop Haters”

My personal opinion on the police is that I wish they were more professional. I think that, if you’re going to wear the badge, it should mean something, and you should be vetted for white supremacist ties and show more restraint than a Congolese warlord. We know they can bring down obviously dangerous people without lethal force. They did it earlier this week with 62-year-old William Bruce Ray.

There was no reason to shoot Alton Sterling or anyone else. None. And given there are white supremacist ties in the police, I feel confident in saying that there is definitely a racial component to these shootings.

And when they do happen, tensions run high. And then things like Dallas happen, and police officers die. Nobody deserves to die. Not Alton Sterling, not William Bruce Ray, not any cop. Nobody. But certain attitudes don’t help, and the, “shoot first, ask questions later” attitude cops take towards black people is one of them.

Yet, expressing this opinion makes me a “cop hater,” because reasons. I’m not privy to what those reasons are; I think with my prefrontal cortex rather than my amygdala, but former Republican lawmaker Joe Walsh doesn’t, and that’s why he was quick to blame President Obama for the tragic shootings in Dallas:

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With zero evidence that BLM was behind the shootings and even less evidence that Obama has anything to do with BLM other than the fact that they’re both black (hello, racism, it’s been what, a whole three paragraphs? I missed you), Walsh has gone full-speed ahead and blamed the President. Well, he went beyond that. He issued a warning that “Real America” is coming for them.

And what he means is the goose-stepping, jackboot wearing, glow-in-the-dark so pale you burn in five minutes or your money back America. You know, all of the white people who agree with him. Because I guarantee “Real America” runs the gamut of human skin tones from “mildly tan” to “ghostly pale.”

Tell me, Walsh, how far can you see from atop those four (currently) corpses? Do dead police officers offer any more support than the average citizen — there’s ~13,000 of them killed by gun violence every year, you know. That’s a 9/11 every month for four months straight.

But Walsh has been on a roll tonight, putting on full display every problem with social media and why disinhibition is a bad thing:

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Tweet 2

Walsh, it’s way past time for you to sit down and shut the hell up. The only war that America’s declared has been the silent war against black people, which was been ongoing since the first slave ship landed here in the 1500s.

Your opinion is as unhelpful and unwanted as it is uninformed and unenlightened. Police officers died in Dallas on Thursday. They joined the 13,000 people who die every year due to gun violence in the United States because we can’t get decent gun laws passed.

There’s nothing impressive or helpful about running off at the mouth on Twitter with this pseudo-patriotic bullshit, spewing whatever racist thought enters your empty skull — not because that head is ideal intellectual real estate, but because nature hates a vacuum and even institutions will have nothing to do with you.

I’m not sure what you hope to gain by declaring, “this is war.” I’m not sure what you hope to accomplish, you mewling zoophyte, by furthering the ongoing war against Black America with your terminally impaired rhetoric.

Because whatever you might hope to accomplish, take my word for it when I say Dunning-Kruger will ensure you do the exact opposite, you self-righteous tool.

Disrespectfully yours and God bless, T. Rosencruz.

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