Ferguson Leads Fight Against Racism With Massive Voter Registration Drive

If anything positive has come from the shooting of Michael Brown it’s this: The people of Ferguson are fighting back and it’s not through violence but through a massive voter registration drive. Of the 4,839 newly registered voters in St. Louis County, 3,287 of them are Ferguson residents.

It seems that Ferguson residents now recognize that they only way to force change is to get out and vote to show their elected officials that they have a voice. Anthony Gray, an attorney for the Brown family, agrees:

“It could completely change the political landscape, the power structure, (and) the decision making. The service to the African American community would almost quadruple because they would be viewed as a credible and legitimate voting block.” [Source]

Voter registration table in Ferguson MO

People registering to vote during a voter registration drive in Ferguson, Missouri. Photo: Whitney Curtis via MSNBC.

Why the people of Ferguson need to vote.

In a city that is 67% African American there is very little color within the city council and police force. Of the seven Ferguson City Council members only one of them is black. Just one. The police force has 53 officers and only three of them are black. It’s no surprise the people of Ferguson feel they have nobody on their side.

A lot of people in this country think that voting doesn’t matter. People tell me all the time that I’m stupid for doing it, but, truthfully, they’re the stupid ones.

People all over the world go to war so that they can get the right to vote and people in this country completely take that for granted.

It’s inspiring to see the people of Ferguson take control after such a tragedy. If only the rest of the unregistered voters would do the same, we might actually be able to make some changes in this country.

Don’t be surprised if you see Republican lawmakers voting to defund the defunct ACORN … again. Or maybe they’ll try to push through literacy tests. Surely they’ll try some form of voter suppression. You’d almost think conservatives hate black people, given all the things they do to keep them from voting.

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