FBI Director Comey: If I Knew Then What I Know Now, I Would Have Warned The DNC Of Russian Hacking Myself (VIDEO)

FBI Director James Comey testified before the House Intelligence Committee on Monday and made quite a few explosive comments during the hearing. For the first time, he confirmed that there is an investigation into Donald Trump’s Russian scandal, including his possible collusion with their interference in our presidential election.

In a surprising move, Comey admitted that the FBI should have tried much harder to let the Democratic National Committee know about the Russian hacks that resulted in the release of damaging information on Wikileaks.

Instead of actually contacting the DNC, the bureau reached out to a third party to warn them of the hacks. The FBI contacted the contractor responsible for the DNC’s computer systems, but the technician they spoke to apparently thought it was a prank call. So for weeks, nothing was done about the matter at all because he didn’t really believe it was the FBI who had called him.

On Monday, Comey made the shocking announcement that a whopping seven months passed before anybody bothered to let the DNC know that Russia had hacked them. Seven months. That is downright astounding. Comey then said that if he had it to do all over again, he would have tried harder to make sure the DNC was informed much earlier.

“I might have walked over there myself, knowing what I know now,” Comey said.  “We would have sent up a much larger flare.”

However, Comey still managed to come to the absurd conclusion that the “efforts” made by the bureau were “reasonable.”

Comey also confessed that the investigation into Russia’s interference in the election on Trump’s behalf began way back in July of 2016. July. And yet somehow, he still managed to get into the White House. The FBI failed to protect the United States on all fronts. This isn’t even taking into consideration Comey’s own role in derailing Clinton’s campaign with his bullshit announcement just before election day. For once, I am simply at a loss for words.

Watch Comey admit that hindsight is always 20/20, here:

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