EPIC Bernie Sanders’ Twitter Storm In Response To Trump’s Despotic Acceptance Speech (TWEETS)

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech to the spineless GOP nomination on Thursday night went a bit too far. You see, Trump made yet another blatant play to try to keep Bernie Sanders voters from voting for Hillary Clinton and Bernie was having NONE of that.

Sanders’ tweetstorm through Trump’s acceptance speech is a thing of beauty that EVERY Democratic and on the fence voter needs to see.

Sanders, who conceded the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton last week, has made it very clear what is at stake in the next election and that he sees the possibility of Donald Trump in the White House as a severe catastrophe for the country. He also made it very clear that Sanders’ voters will never vote for Trump.

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This twitter assault left no doubt to Sanders’ voters as to the how and why of the matter, that he is behind Hillary Clinton in this race, it is a matter of literal life and death who you vote for in November.

Sanders pointed out that we believe in “bringing people together, not dividing them up.” He also hits those real issues at the heart of his campaign that Trump has never, and will never, actually care about, like the environment, affordable education and campaign finance laws.

Destroying Trump’s disgusting by-the-one-percent, for-the-one-percent economic plans, Sanders draws a stark comparison between what a vote for or against the Democratic nominee could mean for this country.

He also shows exactly what Trump’s faux nationalism actually looks like in real life: Trump products made in China, Bangladesh, even his dreaded Mexico, anywhere he can pay workers less than a living wage.

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Perhaps that is why he wants to allow states to abolish the already disgustingly low slave wage of $7.25 an hour? Would he then manufacture more stuff here, in the America he claims will be great if he wins?

Then Sanders gets personal. The megalomaniac Trump has at least proven to us one thing: He can’t work with others. Trump’s campaign is a one man show and he doesn’t think he needs input or information to make decisions because he already knows the answers before they ask the questions. He is a hot-head, a blunderbuss and a schoolyard bully who is incapable of finesse.

He is also unaware that American presidents don’t work alone, at all, ever.

Trump doesn’t understand this country, he has never lived a life that even slightly resembles ours and clearly has no idea what made America great to start with, let alone have any understanding of our constitution, or why it matters beyond the Second Amendment.

There are many, many more reasons that anyone with a heart, a mind, or any sort of care for their fellow man should band together to knock this oligarchic despot right back into his ivory tower. But Sanders has just made it even more clear that, he, and those people who are still hoping for revolution, know exactly what it will take for one to happen: Keeping Donald Trump out of the White House.

Should we see a GOP-controlled executive branch, we are guaranteed a country in which being rich means being powerful, and being poor means being garbage. The Supreme Court is clearly the battleground on which the revolution this country needs will be fought, and without it, we will lose.

Bernie Sanders has clearly left no doubt as to how he will vote, and why he will vote that way. This figurative bucket of ice water thrown on Trump’s imaginary shot at winning Sanders’ voters is yet another strong statement outlining what is at stake. Sanders’ keynote address and the DNC will likely be the death knell for any such hopes held by Trump as the United States of America prepares to put fascism, hatred, bigotry, and xenophobia on blast and send Tump and his ilk back the holes from which they crawled.

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