Embittered Trump Once Again Complains That He Is Being Treated Unfairly

You would think a man like Donald Trump, who has owned so many Casinos, would understand this one very basic premise: If you choose to walk into a Casino, you choose to play by their rules. After all, no one asks for a refund at the Blackjack table just because the odds overwhelmingly favor the dealer. Yet, somehow, Trump feels cheated every time he loses a primary contest because he is obligated to play by the rules he agreed upon when he entered the race.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that political parties are private organizations, not government regulated entities, they are not constitutionally bound to choose their presidential nominee in any particular way, or adhere to any hard and fast rules outside of the ones of their own making. Perhaps this is why we see such a vast difference in how each state runs their own primary selection, whether it be an open primary or closed or why some states have a primary caucus and others have a straightforward vote.

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Second, as biased as the rules are in both parties to favor the establishment candidate, they are the same rules everyone must play by if they want to run for the highest office in the land, and to pretend otherwise is just flat out sour grapes. But then, pettiness is nothing new to the thin-skinned reality TV charlatan who is outraged by every perceived slight, and embittered by every loss, no matter how insignificant.

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On Thursday, the indignant GOP frontrunner appeared on “Fox and Friends” to complain about the many slings and arrows he has had to endure since entering the Presidential primary last June. Because in Trump’s mind, he has suffered through betrayal from his party and insults from his many enemies on a Shakespearian level, and so, he did not hold back when he told Fox’s Heather Nauert,

And you know, there are riots going on out there, and you look at what’s happening in Pennsylvania, where they’re taking the voters out of it, and it’s very unfair. And I rely on the voters. I don’t rely on politicians. I’m self-funding my campaign. People don’t like that, because it means they have no control, but I’m putting up my own money, Heather. So we’ll see what happens. We’re gonna do great in Pennsylvania, but they should give the voters real credit, not just partial credit.

Once again, illustrating his flair for the dramatic while also riling up his base.  Trump, the ultimate shameless self-promoter, does what he does best and walks that impossible line between perpetual victim and self-important jackass. My prediction is that if Trump does not win the nomination, we will see an immediate retreat into Trump Tower, where he will spend his remaining days much like the eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes, locked in a dark room and peeing in mason jars as he descends further into madness.

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