Each State’s Most Googled Questions Confirm We’re A Stupid Nation That Could Elect Trump (IMAGE)

The rise of Donald Trump may seem inexplicable to most foreigners and any life forms existing on Mars, but our country twice elected a guy who would have aneurysms trying to pronounce “nuclear.” But it turns out that guy was actually a genius compared to who the GOP had in store. Indeed, we have reached a biohazard level 3 Idiocracy and, unless we elect Hillary or Bernie, we’re all doomed to watch our country turn into Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise.

But it seems commonly asked questions on Google just confirmed that our country is a culturally bankrupt cesspool of worthless sh*t. (Think Seinfeld but without the funny.)

The real estate app Estately recently analyzed Google trends in all 50 states, and what they discovered will have future generations in padded rooms. Not surprisingly, the deep south takes the cake in the bakery of stupid.  The most commonly asked question in Arkansas, for example, is “Who won the civil war?” And people in Texas seem to think that the internet is a physical place that can be visited, as the most commonly googled question there was “Where is the Internet?” These people vote!

Here’s the map showing results for all fifty states. View with caution and make sure you aren’t consuming  any expensive beverages. With the exception of Hawaii, of course. You guys rock!

Image via @Estately

Image via @Estately

Featured image via Estately

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