Donald Trump Shows He Knows Even Less About Abortion Than Most Issues (Video)

In a sad attempt to pander to a rabid base of anti-abortion voters, Donald Trump took a stance on abortion that was so extreme that the radicals he was hoping to win over don’t even exist.

This past week Donald Trump, who runs his presidential campaign much in the same way a 14 year old runs their Instagram account, begging for likes regardless of content, once again proved his reach far exceeds his grasp as he stumbled through an interview with the hard driving host of MSNBC’s “Hardball” Chris Matthews.

Released; Trump Wants To Punish Women Who Have Abortions

On Wednesday, Trump was thoroughly probed by Matthews on his position on abortion. Trump was so visibly shaken that you could almost see the little hamster in his brainpan frantically trying to resource the answer he believed would play best with angry pro-life voters. The result was a week of backpedaling and conspiracy theories about phantom edits coming out of the camp of the Trump Campaign that makes it obvious to even the most disengaged voter that the seemingly unstoppable momentum of Donald Trump has finally come to an end.

After a week of conflicting statements made almost daily about abortion, Trump may have finally painted himself into a political corner that even he cannot spin his way out of.

In an interview with John Dickerson, this week for Face The Nation, Trump once again backpedaled on his reversed position that he originally doubled down on, first by saying,

At this moment, the laws are set, and I think we have to leave it that way.

And then by stating,

I would’ve preferred states’ rights, I think it would’ve been better if it were up to the states.

If one thing has become clear this past week, it’s that Donald Trump still can’t seem to get a handle on what his expected position should be if he wants to hold on to his self-proclaimed title of the best Republican candidate in the history of everything always. Proving the bombastic candidate knows even less about abortion than he does about most other issues, a scary prospect indeed.

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Watch Donald Trump Talk Himself In Circles On Face The Nation With John Dickerson:



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