Dogs Eating Ice Cream Accidentally Make Case For ‘Big Government’ In Hilarious Viral Video

Next time your way-left-of center libertarian neighbor goes on about the evils of ‘big government,’ show them this hilarious video with two dogs ‘sharing’ and ice cream cone.

“Cooper Loves Ice Cream,” shows two adorable dogs getting treated to soft serve ice cream at a McDonald’s drive-through, and has gotten over six million views since February.

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But why does Daisy, the little chihuahua, always get her ice cream first, while the gold lab watches longingly? The video shows Daisy daintily lapping at the vanilla ice cream as the owner keeps admonishing Cooper, the larger dog:

“No Cooper… let Daisy have some. No… Daisy gets hers first.”

Finally, after Daisy eats her fill, the dog lover hands the barely-eaten cone to the golden lab … who promptly chomps down the entire remaining ice cream cone in one gulp! The owner then explains:

“Why does Daisy get hers first? Because Cooper eats hers too fast.”

Why this dogs-eating-ice-cream video makes a strong case for ‘big government.’

Of course the folks at Cooper’s Dogpatch didn’t intend their cute and humorous video to be political. Yet , for practical folks who disagree with small government libertarians on the far right, “Cooper Loves Ice Cream” presents an irresistible argument for why we need at least some government: To ensure that the smaller, milder, and less forceful among us stand a fair chance against the voracious appetites of the more powerful and aggressive.

After all, Cooper’s not a bad dog… He just can’t help himself.

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