Desperate Trump Brings Bill Clinton’s Accusers To The Debate – Clinton Has The PERFECT Response

Donald Trump knows he is about to lose the 2nd Presidential Debate. He has not prepared. He has not learned anything since the last time he lost a presidential debate two weeks ago. He has since then been embroiled in several massive scandals – including a tape that featured him bragging about sexual assault. So his counter maneuver was characteristically pathetic: He’s going to wallow in the mud.

Just hours before the debate was set to start, he organized a surprise press conference in which he paraded several of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual assault victims in front of cameras. It lasted just minutes, but the message was clear enough. He is planning on cynically exploiting the group an effort to humiliate Hillary Clinton for the actions of her husband. (It should also be noted that in none of these cases has Bill Clinton ever been brought to trial, much less convicted of any crime.)

Worse still, Trump then drove the women over to the debate hall and announced that they would be sitting in the debate.

The move is pathetic, offensive, and hypocritical. Donald Trump, suddenly so concerned about listening to these accusers, had once publicly smeared them. In 1998, he called a whole host of Clinton’s alleged victims ugly.

Seconds later, Trump felt the need to reiterate his obsession with their appearance. “The whole group, it’s truly an unattractive cast of characters—Linda Tripp, Lucianne Goldberg—I mean, this woman—I watch her on television, just vomiting. She is so bad. The whole group—Paula Jones, Lewinsky—it’s just a really unattractive group.
“And I’m not just talking about physical, but I am also talking about physical.”

Trump noted, however, that if the accusers were supermodels they “would be more pleasant to watch.”

He also expressed some sympathy for Bubba: “I don’t necessarily agree with his victims. His victims are terrible. He is really a victim himself. But he put himself in that position.”

But despite that blatant about-face, Trump and his campaign are pushing the narrative that Clinton doesn’t respect women and Trump does. Trump also clearly plans to use the mudslinging in the debate.

Thankfully, Hillary Clinton – who has been putting up with this crap from Republicans for decades – showed zero signs of flinching. In fact, she came out with a simple but perfect response.

She’ll focus on the issues and let Trump wallow in the mud.

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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