David Bowie Once Took On MTV For Its Lack Of Music Videos Featuring African-Americans (SCREENSHOT)

Yesterday was an especially somber day following the passing of legendary musician and cultural icon David Bowie. Indeed, the world just became a whole lot less interesting and fantastic with the loss of this inimitable musical genius.

Even if his  radical, gender-busting personas shocked traditional conservative views and conventional thinking, David Bowie was largely apolitical. For example, he once refused British knighthood — saying he didn’t “see the point.” After all, this man was above the temporal pettiness and crass nature of politics. However, even if Bowie eschewed politics and politicians, he most certainly had no objection weighing in on cultural and racial issues.

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The late glam rock and cultural shapeshifter may be known for creating some of the most original and incredible music, but he’s also known for once challenging MTV for refusing to play music by African-Americans in 1983.

Apparently the interview has not been forgotten, as thousands have shared it on Twitter.

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Whether he was floating in a tin can as Ziggy Stardust or under pressure with Freddie Mercury, David Bowie was a man who constantly evolved and changed with the times. So it seems only befitting that his attitudes on race would evolve too.

Featured image via screen capture


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