CNN Host Goes OFF On Trump; Calls Him Out For HUMILIATING America (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s election win was an unprecedented low for our country. How could someone so inexperienced, incompetent, and corrupt possibly have won over such a qualified candidate such as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? Trump’s win was especially surprising, considering all of the racism, misogyny, sexual assault allegations, praise for Russia, conflicts of interest, and lies we saw during his presidential campaign. It is still a mystery that many Americans are baffled by, but CNN’s Fareed Zakaria put it perfectly last night.

Zakaria hit the nail on the head when he appropriately called Trump a “bullshit artist” on live TV. In a discussion with Don Lemon, Zakaria said that Trump is “indifferent” to the truth, and he’s been that way his entire life. Zakaria said:

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“He’s spent his whole life bullshitting. He’s succeeded by bullshitting. He has gotten the presidency by bullshitting.”

He couldn’t have been more correct – and CNN didn’t even bother to censor him.

Zakaria said this in response to Trump’s ridiculous wiretapping accusations against former President Barack Obama, which he still hasn’t been able to provide any evidence for. The Justice Department had given Trump a deadline of Monday to come up with evidence, but because Trump has none, he left everyone empty handed and is now begging for more time to gather his “evidence”. He refuses to walk back his comments and admit he fabricated those accusations, despite the fact that they’ve been denounced by almost everyone.

Zakaria also criticized Trump as he still “didn’t take responsibility” for those claims, despite mounting demands. You can watch Zakaria perfectly pinpoint how Trump has gotten to the top below:

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