CNN Catches Trump Making Sure His Wife Votes For Him – Twitter Erupts In Laughter (VIDEO)

It looks like not even Trump trusts his odds of winning today’s presidential election.

When Donald J. Trump arrived with his family at a New York polling station this morning he was met by a chorus of boos. This must have rattled the Republican presidential candidate’s confidence, as once inside he could no longer even be sure his own wife would vote for him.

Trump was caught on video peeking over at Melania’s ballot and the image has quickly taken over Twitter.

Some tweeted mockingly about possible set ups:

Others mused what might be going on Melania’s mind:

Some couldn’t resist commenting on how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Eric Trump was also caught peeking at his wife’s ballot.

Interestingly, this may not be the only common Election Day indiscretion the father and son have in common. Trump’s peeking violates the New York State law outlining the privacy of voters as pointed out by Alex Howard:

Earlier, Eric Trump tweeted a picture of his own ballot today, which is also illegal. He subsequently deleted it. I’m sure Donald Sr. wishes the Peeping Trump photo of him could be deleted as well.

Featured image via CNN screengrab

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