Clever Do-Gooder Takes Olive Garden Up On ‘Never Ending Pasta Pass’ To Feed Homeless (VIDEO)

With today’s news being as cheerful as a Ingmar Bergman Film Festival (Google him) that has most of us want to stream the Killing Fields just to lighten the mood, it’s really cool when something sweet and human interest-y happens. After all, America is perhaps the only nation that can use one day to show appreciation for the things they have, only to immediately thereafter trample on a grandma to get a great deal on a new soon-to-be-obsolete TV.

The Olive Garden is known for its never-ending pasta and bread sticks (and fake Italian cuisine). So back in September, it started offering lovers of fake Italian pasta the opportunity to buy an “unlimited 7-week pasta pass” for $100 (they’re all sold out, btw). That’s where one Utah man awesomely combined both creativity and generosity and used the pass to feed pasta to the homeless.

KSTU-TV originally reported about a generous Utah Man named Matt Tribe. It seems Tribe bought the limited edition pass to use it to simply eat a whole boat load of pasta, but then saw a much cooler and useful benefit.

“Every day I’d go get pasta, and I’d just go show up and someone’s house and brighten their life with some Olive Garden,” Tribe said. (KSTU-TV)

Although it was not explicitly mentioned, one must wonder if Tribe was trying to deliver a big F U to the town in Florida that kept arresting an elderly  charitable man for feeding the homeless.  In any case, Tribe took his idea a little further with the creation of the website Random Acts of Pasta. Tribe’s original goal was 100 meals by the end of the seven weeks. However, after starting out with friends and family, Tribe started to use the pass to feed many homeless.

“I realize it might be stupid to think, ‘I just gave them pasta, how does that make their day better?’ But somebody did something nice for them,” says Tribe.

“I thought, what have I done to deserve this,” said Tribe’s friend and pasta recipient Ben Taylor. “He explained to me what he was doing, he was just giving out random acts of pasta to neighbors, friends, and even homeless people, and I thought, that’s kind of a cool story.” (KSTU-TV)

One can sooner find a virgin in Hollywood than anything positive in the news these days, so it’s particularly cool and special when it does happen.

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H/T: KSTU-TVFeatured Image Via Youtube Screengrab

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