The Scars Of Right Wing Extremism Summed Up In One Beautiful Rant

For the past couple of weeks, America has had a pretty good laugh at the expense of Ammon Bundy’s little “Citizens for Constitutional Freedom” militia group. As absurd videos of the wannabe insurgents’ ranting and raving have circulated through social media, and Facebook became littered with thousands of hilarious memes ridiculing the group’s collective stupidity, the general consensus became that the Bundy’s, “not ready for prime time” revolutionaries, would eventually get bored and go home.

I myself am guilty of writing, at least, half a dozen articles verbally destroying the boys of Broke-Ass Mountain and their sham rebellion. However, this comedy of errors became deadly serious on Tuesday when the FBI got involved in a horrific shootout with Ammon Bundy’s militia, leading to the death of one militia man and the arrest of several others.

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In between the many online punchlines posted about the Bundy Occupation was one recurring question, why is the Bundy group allowed to take over federal land, destroy federal property, threaten to kill cops,  and break a dozen other laws with impunity? The sad answer is simple, right-wing extremists control the narrative in America today. And because the far right controls the conversation, the police and  FBI had little choice but to give the Bundy Militia time to show their true colors, eroding public support of their cause, or risk and even bigger bloodbath, making martyrs of the occupiers and inspiring other extremist groups to take up arms against what they perceive to be a tyrannical government.

As America tries to process the events of the last couple of days, many have felt compelled to weigh in on why this occupation was allowed to continue for so long with little to no interference and to take a closer look at right wing white privilege in this country, and what it will take to stop extremists like Bundy from fermenting violent rebellion before the shooting starts.

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Even though this conflict has ended with minimal casualties, not everyone is happy with the outcome. Cenk Uygur made an emotional declaration on his show “The Young Turks” on Wednesday, expressing his concerns about right-wing white privilege and the dangers of a growing anti-government sentiment in America today.

Look at the white privilege here, and it’s not just white, It’s right-wing privilege. Because if left wingers had taken over, environmental groups had taken over and say, ‘Oh, we’re going to do this and we’re going to do that.’ It doesn’t matter if it’s a Latino, a black group or it’s just white Greenpeace or animal rights guys, nobody gets to come and go and threaten cops and talk about killing them!

Uygur explained, echoing the concerns of many Americans who believe right-wing conservative anger is becoming an uncontrollable tempest that threatens the very fabric of our nation.



Video Courtesy: The Young Turks via YouTube

Screengrab Courtesy: The Young Turks Via YouTube

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