BREAKING: Scotus Denies Kim Davis’ Request To Be A Taxpayer Funded Bigot

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a reply to Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk that wants to use her office as an elected, taxpayer-funded public servant to discriminate and promote bigotry against same-sex couples’ constitutional right to marry.


The SCOTUS said NO to Kim Davis. She either has to do her friggin’ job, or risk being fired and/or being criminally charged.


Davis’s a attorney (yes she even hired a lawyer for this nonsense), this friday, had petitioned the SCOTUS to place a stay on a U.S. District court ruling that ordered Davis to issue marriage licenses to qualified couples, regardless of gender. The claim was made that her job’s functions violated her first amendment rights.

The claim of “devout christian” apparently is not enough to get to do whatever you feel like doing at your job, despite the clear responsibilities outlined in its description. It must be total proof that there is a war on religion in America, right? The phrase “asylum for her conscience” was also bandied about but Justice  Elena Kagan was having none of it, even after her lawyers claimed that “elected officials have no real religious freedom when they take public office.” You know what? Maybe that isn’t a bad idea.

Equality Case Files

Equality Case Files. Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

According to an AP report, Davis will arrive at work Tuesday morning to face her moment of truth. She will either have to choose issuing marriage licenses and keeping her job, or continue to refuse them and facing contempt of court charges and/or fines by way of the federal judge that ordered her to do her damn job in the first place.

Expect a fired clerk, a media feeding frenzy on Faux News, and probably a GoFundMe in the 500k mark with this one.

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