Board Member Makes Excuses For His Pal Who Said Women Only Know ‘Laying on Their Backs'(VIDEO)

Perryville, Missouri School Board Member Mark Gremaud is a misogynist pig. In a closed meeting of the board recently he made this incredibly sexist statement to a fellow board member:

Kathy, you are just a woman, the only thing you know is laying on your back with your legs in the air splayed.

Well then. Where I come from that guy just ended his career. No matter what he says or does from this point on, his own stupidity caused his own demise. Gremaud, who has spent a considerable amount of money contributing to Republican campaigns (go figure), is the perfect woman-hating GOPer and deserves to be sent out to pasture with a slew of other conservative sexists.

At a hearing on what action to take, there was someone nearly as heinous. Gremaud’s co-board member and presumably his friend, Jeff Weilbrecht, defended Gremaud, stating that everyone says silly things but that Gremaud was a good person because he had driven a school bus when drivers called in sick last-minute.

That’s how Republicans roll.

WATCH: A sexist defends a misogynist.

Featured image via screen capture


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