Big Names Tweet ‘Goodbyes’ To Jon Stewart, But Bill Clinton’s Send-Off Is Comedy GOLD! (TWEETS)

When Jon Stewart announced his upcoming exit from Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” on Feb. 10, it wasn’t just us millions of ordinary fans and viewers who were struck. Everyone from political icons to major media figures and entertainers – even a professional athletic team – was hit hard by the news, too.

Many of those notables quickly expressed their new Stewart Stances on Twitter, even, with sentimentality, remorse, and – of course – lots of humor.

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Big political names contributed with the hot hashtag of #JonStewart.

David Axelrod, President Obama’s former top political advisor, happened to be a guest on “The Daily Show” that same evening as Stewart’s announcement:

stew tweet 2

From one Twitter account of Sen. Elizabeth Warren:

stew tweet 3

Nate Silver, resident swami in the world of political polls, predicts Stewart’s departure will be similar to Michael Jordan’s hiatus from the NBA:

stew tweet 4

Media tweets ranged from surprise to praise, and from questions about Stewart’s future to the future of political news.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper:

stew tweet 5

From Steven Oh, Chief Operating Officer of The Young Turks:

stew tweet 6

From Kim Masters, Editor-at-large of The Hollywood Reporter:

stew tweet 7

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz:

stew tweet 8

CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter:

stew tweet 9

Joe Adalian, editor of New York Magazine’s “Vulture”:

stew tweet 11

The Bipartisan Report offers this suggestion that many might clamor for:

stew tweet 11-2

Many from the field of entertainment joined the tweet-fest, ranging from remorse to humor.

Andy Cohen of Bravo’s “Watch This Happen”:

stew tweet 12

Author J.K. Rowling:

stew tweet 13

Daniel Tosh of “Tosh.O” tweeted on the departure (although in what may only be in his typically sarcastic and self-promoting format):

stew tweet 14

Dave Rube of “The Ruben Reports”:

stew tweet 15

Actress Alyssa Milano:

stew tweet 16

Actor Wil Wheaton:

stew tweet 17

Mike Drucker, a writer with “The Jimmy Fallon Show”:

stew tweet 18

From Craig Ferguson:

stew tweet 19

Even professional sports commented on #JonStewart. 

From the New York Mets:

stew tweet 20

The standout classic in #JonStewart tweets from a notable name came from none other than President Bill Clinton, though.

stew tweet 1a


Let’s  hope Nate Silver’s projection is correct. We could use Jon back in his regular sport before too long.

H/Ts: The Daily Mail, Salon, and Indie Wire | Image: Cliff from Reality to Restore Sanity and/or Fear via Flickr

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