Big Brother Jesus: Pastors Turn To Facial Recognition Software To Learn Who Isn’t Attending Church

The biggest mistake Orwell made with his novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, was not explicitly identifying the Party of Oceania as theocratic. They had all the trappings, he just never outright said it.

Well, now we can regret no more. Christian churches are here to remind you that the specter of Nineteen Eighty-Four applies to religion just as easily as it applies to government. Some church leaders are now turning to software called Churchix, a facial recognition system, to let them know who is and who isn’t in the pews.

The system is already seeing use in 30 churches around the globe and more are expected. According to their website (bolding original):

Churchix identifies event attending members in videos and photos. All you need to do is enrol high quality photos of your members into the software data base, then connect a live video USB camera or upload recorded videos or photos — and Churchix will identify your members!

Churchix is designed for Church administrators and event managers who want to save the pain of manually tracking their members attendance to their events.

This sort of software allows churches to know exactly who is and isn’t attending, and it can be used to determine who is and isn’t feeding the church’s pig, either, when the donation pot comes around.

The software, according to the Mirror, is built using the same technology that identifies criminals, problem gamblers, and terrorists at airports. It picks out people’s faces from photographs “in order to monitor attendance or help to sort massive collections of photos from events.”

The CEO, Moshe Greenshpan, noted that he never set out to sell the software — churches came to him asking for it:

Within a short period of time we’ve been approached by 10 different churches from all over the world, all asking for the same thing – give us a face recognition software that can identify members attending our events.

Christianity: Because Big Brother is too secular.

Watch the Churchix software in action below:


Featured image via screen capture from Churchix homepage 

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