Bad Lip Reading Released Their Presidential Debate Video And It Is HILARIOUS (VIDEO)

We don’t know the identity of the person who created the You Tube channel Bad Lip Reading, but we know that s/he is in music production and is from Texas. We also know that the first BLR video spoofed the execrable Rebecca Black song, “Friday” (I am proud to say that I still have never seen or heard the original song, knock wood).

More BLR videos followed, spoofing Taylor Swift, Michael Bublé and The Black Eyed Peas. Then, in 2011, BLR videos of politicians began to appear, with Rick Perry becoming the first to be so “honored.” Ellen DeGeneres found out about BLR, aired the Perry clip on her show and the videos have been big hits — and been making us giggle — ever since.

This week, the Bad Lip Reading video of the first Presidential debate premiered and it’s brilliant. The debate is re-imagined as a gameshow called Debate Night! The contestants compete in segments like “Time To Act,” “I Can Do THIS” and “Five Favorites.”

The “Five Favorites” game — which is my favorite — asks one contestant to name their favorite in a category given by Holt. Trump’s favorite actor is Will Shatner and favorite way to eat chicken is “raw” and favorite parasite is lice (not, as one might think, ticks).

In the “Time To Act” segment, Hillary is asked to “say hello to your crush at summer camp” and act like “a lady in Texas who just realized she parked at the other end of the mall.” Trump must “attempt to convince a Brazilian bush pilot that it’s not safe to fly” and “offer a jumbo shrimp to your bodyguard.”

The video condenses the 90-minute debate into just over six minutes and manages to make more sense. Plus it’s much funnier. After all, the original had only one really good punchline. Can’t wait to see what BLR does with the next debate!



Featured image via Screen Capture

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