Awful Racist Calls Black Man N*gger, Spits On Him, Gets The Sh*t Slapped Out Of Her (VIDEO)

Apparently, this woman did not get the memo when the GOP declared racism to be over in 2013. Yes, this claim has been repeated by conservatives throughout the years — so much that the Supreme Court even gutted the Voting Rights Act — but nothing could be further from the truth.

Take this woman, for example (please!). At Black Bike Week In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which is being met with an overwhelming amount of security when compared to a certain gathering of white bikers in Waco, Texas that left nine people dead, a nice white lady decided it would be a great idea to call a black man a n*gger.

Apparently, the woman, identified in the video as “Tara,” had an issue with a gentleman at the gathering of African-American bike enthusiasts. In the typical “not-racist” fashion, Tara did what she knows how to do best: She called the man a n*gger — but it’s totally because of the man’s unspecified behavior, not his skin color, Tara insists.

“You called that man a n*gger for no reason,” said a man who caught up with Tara after she hurled the slur.

“Because he’s a n*gger,” Tara responded. “He’s a filthy f*cking n*gger.” Tara explained that the slur was not intended for all African-Americans — just the person she called the n-word. “I called him a n*gger for acting like a f*cking n*gger,” she clarified.

When asked what she should be called for her horrible behavior, our friendly Caucasian lady answered, “My name’s Tara. That’s what I am. I’m a mad f*cking bitch.”

“So you call people n*ggers if you get mad,” the man behind the camera asked.

“I do,” Tara replied. “I call people n*ggers if they act like n*ggers.”

At this point, the heroine of our story bravely answered a phone call while someone was speaking to her. Though she claimed that her assertion that someone was a “n*gger” was based solely in his behavior, she proceeded to apply the label to the gentleman behind the camera who maintained his composure as he calmly asked her questions with the same term:

Hello? This stupid n*gger’s filming me, so you need to hurry up.

Classy as ever, Tara spat in the cameraman’s face — but it was at this point that she received a surprise when he slapped her phone out of her hand: “Who you calling a n*gger?”

Under normal circumstances, I can’t condone violence toward women — but one must applaud this man for maintaining his composure for as long as he did. “Now, I don’t usually condone violence,” Addicting Info‘s Shannon Barber wrote of the incident, “but there’s no doubt that this woman was inviting it, and that she got what she deserved.”

Watch the video, below:

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