Another Day, Another Violent Incident At A Donald Trump Rally (VIDEO)

Something terrifying happened to me today. I Googled “Violence At Donald Trump Rallies” and pulled up page after page of horrifying incidents of violence breaking out at Trump rallies all over the country.

But what is perhaps even more alarming is how any sane and reasonable person can find these kinds of hateful, fear mongering, and violent outbursts along the campaign trail acceptable. Seems to me if there was this much violence at a Drake concert or the opening of a Quentin Tarantino movie, the public would be demanding for it to be shut down, yet somehow this kind of despicable behavior continues as Trump spews his hateful rhetoric. All the while these incidents are largely ignored by many, and maybe even silently applauded by some. And just like with mass shootings, I find myself asking: How is this becoming the new normal?

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Donald Trump has brought out the worst in an already angry and unstable group of people. The festering hate and frustration just beneath the surface that before Trump was not socially acceptable to manifest publicly, but with a wink and a nod from the antagonistic front runner, it feels safe to rear its ugly head with impunity. Is it any wonder that the Republican Politicians once thought of as dangerous ideological zealots, like Ted Cruz, are even scared of Trump and working with others in the GOP in an attempt to derail any chance of him becoming their nominee.

At a Trump rally in St.Louis Friday, violence once again erupted as counter-protesters were violently engaged by Trump supporters who were yelling such hateful comments as “F*** you, F*** Islam.” As parties were detained by police from both sides of the conflict, and one man was seen covered in blood, it all just seems to be business as usual for a presidential campaign that has broken all the rules.

Adding fuel to the fire, Trump was quick to remark to the crowd,

These are not good people, just so you understand, these are not the people who made our country great. These are the people that are destroying our country.

How can a man who encourages violence among his supporters, publicly humiliates veterans and the disabled, and consistently insults women, now be the Republican front runner? Well it seems that after years of fear-mongering in the media, hyperbolic statements about Barrack Obama and running an agenda of obstructionism and division, the Republican Party has finally created a monster that even they can’t control. A monster, unfortunately, that if allowed to ascend to the oval office could spell doom for our country.

Click below to watch MSNBC’s coverage of the violence at the Trump Rally in St. Louis.


Featured image screengrab via MSNBC YouTube

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