America’s Taliban: Watch That Time A TV Show Totally Obliterated The Tea Party (VIDEO)

Congress is still as popular as herpes simplex one, or a getting a root canal by a cockroach with herpes simplex one. Why shouldn’t America hate Congress? After all, they get six figures–and a boat (or yacht) load of perks–to do absolutely nothing. If you’re as smart as the government you elect, then America is playing with its own dung in paste-eating class. I’m referring, of course, to the Teabaggers–a pesky little fringe group that refuses to die or get out of the adults’ way.

Explaining the Tea Party–the million moron (or is it moran?) clusterf*ck of miserably uninformed right-wing radicals that came to prominence (and power) in 2010– seems neither necessary or humane given how much damage they have done to reasonable governance. These accidentally hilarious buffoons tape tea bags to their ears (I just put mine in a pot) and allow billionaires to constantly manipulate them.

Indeed, they are the absolute worst representation of humankind. 

Back in 2011, HBO’s “The Newsroom” bravely and quite brilliantly took on the tea party. Starring Jeff Daniels as anchor Will McAvoy, the hard-hitting political drama did one episode in which Daniels’ character railed against the Tea Party….and it was epic.  The Newsroom concluded in 2014, but this one clip will never be forgotten.

America’s Taliban: Watch That Time A TV Show Totally Obliterated The Tea Party:

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