Abandoned Senior Dog Goes Viral; People Competing For Her Overnight (VIDEO)

What kind of heartless person takes their dog and ties them up at an animal shelter–on a Sunday–and walks away while the sweet dog looks on with pain in their eyes? Some horrible people in Florida.

Some as-yet-unidentified horrible people took their dog of an estimated 14 years, Dessie, to an animal services shelter in Miami on Sunday and left her tethered while she looked at them leave with heartbreaking sadness in her eyes. An onlooker captured this image and posted it to social media.

Dessie Being Abanadoned

Dessie and her situation immediately went viral.

Luckily for Dessie A Way For A Stray, Urgent Dogs of Miami (and social media) exist. People could see in Dessie’s eyes and demeanor that she was worthy of love and a good home and family.

According to Jeannie Dykstra, a volunteer at “A Way For A Stray”:

Her personality is lovely, she is extremely sweet, she loves all people that she meets. She pretty much ignores other dogs.

Older dogs like Dessie that are turned in to the shelter aren’t afforded the waiting period that strays are, so time was of the essence. A resuce organization has put a “hold” on Dessie and taken her to the vet. She is healthy and active–especially for a senior citizen. Howeve,r Dessie is still in search of a permanent home.

According to comments on Urgent Dogs of Miami’s facebook page that while a rescue group has “put a hold” on Dessie they aren’t offering her a permanent home. Rather, they are asking for money from potential families. Is something shady afoot because of Dessie’s “celebrity” status? Or is their cause worthy if they are covering the veterinary costs before she is permanently adopted?

Dessie Facebook Comments


If you live in the Miami area and want a loving addition to your home you can find Dessie and other deserving new family members here.

WATCH NBC Miami’s coverage of the story here:

Featured image from Urgent Dogs of Miami.

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