9 Things Black People Will Get For Free If Jeb Bush Wins (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush, who has been a little slow to climb on the racist bandwagon with his fellow candidates, took a full on dive on Thursday by saying, similar to what Romney did in 2012, that Democrats lure African-American voters by offering “free stuff.”

Here it is:

After a little investigation, If You Only News found that Bush wasn’t being exactly honest. He is offering African-Americans, and in most cases, all Americans, free stuff. Here’s what we found:

9. Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies – Bush, like most of the GOP field, would like to shut down Planned Parenthood. Naturally, this freebie will go to people of all races, yay! He already helped close them in Florida, at least most of them. Planned Parenthood performs almost 4 million tests per year for sexually transmitted diseases. They provide contraception to about 3.7 million people per year. Republicans argue that other healthcare providers will pick up the slack, but there is no one else.

8. Hell – You might be thinking that word is a little strong and strangely religious, especially coming from me, but this hell is right on earth and for Bush, it’s because of his religion. Those over 30 might remember the case of Terri Schiavo. During the George W. Bush administration, national headlines were filled with stories of the woman who was lying in a Florida hospital, brain-dead and in a persistent vegetative state. Her husband, Michael and her parents had been involved in a long drawn-out legal battle with her husband wanting to remove her feeding tube and her parents wanting to keep it in. Jeb Bush fought Michael every step of the way, including getting the feeding tube put back in. Eventually, Congress, the President and the Pope all weighed in.

Michael called the time “a living hell” and you can be sure that if Terri felt anything at all, on any sort of level, she was also in hell. Terri was in her vegetative state for 15 years before a judge finally agreed to let Michael remove her feeding tube, despite congressional, presidential and the Governor’s interference.

7. Cardboard boxesJeb Bush is for low regulations, tax cuts for the wealthy and bank bailouts – essentially the same policies that led to the 2007 economic collapse. In fact, while he was governor, he eliminated about 10 percent of all state jobs, but don’t worry — if you end up laid off and you do end up losing your home, you can always check your local Home Depot for any extra appliance boxes. No, Jeb won’t actually give you a box.

6. Really, really rich bosses – While the low regulations, tax cuts for the wealthy and bank bailouts might end with you and I living in cardboard, they will be a big boon to the yacht business. Florida, even after Bush left office, continues to be one of the least equal states in the nation. Income inequality will continue to rise and CEOs will continue to get richer.

5. HumiliationIn 1995, Jeb Bush wrote that unwed mothers should be publicly shamed. I’ll leave that there.

4. Food stamps – Wait, doesn’t Bush hate food stamps? Isn’t that part of what he accuses Democrats of giving away for free? Well, most food stamp recipients work. For many if not most, the reason they are on food stamps is because their employer is refusing to pay their employees enough to even eat, so that cost is passed on to the taxpayer. Bush is against a minimum wage hike and possibly against a minimum wage altogether.

Now, to be fair, he will help make it a lot harder to get food stamps and there will probably be a lot less money in the fund, but we can’t completely starve people, can we? Don’t answer that.

3. Death – Bush is a strong advocate of capital punishment. Under his leadership, Florida executed 21 prisoners. He wants to make it easier to kill prisoners.

2. War – Like his brother went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan, the younger Bush wants to go to war with Iran. Now, you might argue that war is far from free, but when Republicans talk about “free,” they are talking about taxpayer-funded, so this also qualifies. Besides, maybe that’s his jobs plan.

1. Food and shelterJeb Bush is for the drug war, he’s for mass incarceration and he’s for more private prisons. This is one where African-Americans will get more of the freebies. They are far more likely to be arrested, convicted and incarcerated than whites, even if the exact same crime is committed.

Next time Bush talks about Democrats giving away “free stuff,” which doesn’t exist, remember that the true freebies come from the Republican party, and trust me, you don’t want them.

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