8th Grader Is Winning The Internet With Brutally Honest Poem On His ‘White Boy Privilege’ (VIDEO)

An eloquent 14-year-old boy just put us all to shame with his brutally honest poem on white privilege that has since gone viral.

Royce Mann, a white eighth-grade student at a private school in Georgia is taking the Internet by storm with a slam poetry performance about white privilege.

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Entitled “White Boy Privilege,” the precocious lad’s poem is an ultra-charged and impassioned argument about a world that has set the 14-year-old up to succeed, all while hindering opportunity for blacks and immigrants. In a deliberate show of contradiction, Mann at first celebrates his privilege, saying he “loves it” that he has natural benefits as a white male in America. Mann concludes by saying that white privilege was not created by his generation and calls on all to reject their privilege.

You may not entirely agree with the kid, but he’s attempting to articulate issues of saliency while you’re trying to catch Pokemon.

Watch his entire performance below:

Featured image via screen capture

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