3 Times Trump Insulted Or Crapped On The Troops (Memorial Day Edition)

Republicans love using veterans as political props as much as they love pretending to be working class heroes. But since chicken sh*t hawks love it when some middle-class parent’s kid does the fighting to fatten their defense portfolios, it’s important to expose them as such whenever humanly possible.

One of the most egregious and mind-boggling hypocrisies  is when Republicans cut veterans’ benefits — all while hypocritically draping themselves in the flag and whoring it out like it was a brothel worker. If that’s the case, then Donald Trump is the brothel owner.

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Despite trying to present himself as a hero among our active an inactive troops, our uniformed men and women are about as impressed with Trump as Megyn Kelly is. Even though Donald Trump should celebrate Memorial Day by “dodging it,” we can surely expect a sickening amount of artificial love for the troops come tomorrow.

So here are 3 times Trump Insulted or Crapped On The Troops:

  1. Limit Street Vendors Who Were Veterans

Trump is all about the veterans, but just as long they aren’t trying to make a living outside Fifth Avenue, NYC. Trump has constantly pushed New York to limit laws on peddling — including by veterans, who can get special vendor licenses from the Department of Consumer Affairs in thanks for their service, according to the NY Daily News.

      2.  Wanted Troops To Commit Illegal Crimes

Trump can’t tell you why or how, but he just wants to make America great again. Even if that means encouraging the troops to commit crimes for which they are personally liable. Proving he’s an unhinged lunatic and low-carb fascist, looking  to court other unhinged lunatics, Trump said he would force the U.S. military to commit war crimes. During one of the debates, Trump suggested that he’d order the U.S. military to kill families of Muslim terrorists and institute interrogation techniques worse than waterboarding. There is just one (well, many) problems with that scenario: torture and retaliatory executions are both war crimes under international law. But the Geneva Convention is for losers!

  3.  Cheated The Vets Out Of A 6 Million Dollar Pledge

In what has to be his absolute masterpiece in the realm of lying scumbaggery, Trump failed to send veterans the $6 million he cynically promised them. After all, Trump has made a mint out not being held accountable for things he says, and you’re an ugly loser for asking.

So while we all spend time reflecting the great sacrifices made by our fighting men and women, including the thousands of cases of PTSD, let’s also be reminded of how much Trump loves to pretend he loves the troops.

Featured image via IVN and Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr




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