What’s This? A GOP Governor Just Gave Equal Rights To Same-Sex Couples! Cue The Outrage

The people of Arizona should definitely be elated to be rid of Jan Brewer.  In April, 2011, Brewer signed a bill “to give primary consideration to adoptive placement with a married man and woman, with all other criteria being equal,” placing gay couples at the back of the line and in most cases out of contention to offer a loving home to a child in need of a family.

In February, the Arizona Department of Child Safety, in true Breweresqe fashion, halted all fostering and adoptions by same-sex couples.

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Newly elected Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican, broke the mold of the typical GOP bigot and stood up for same-sex couples, issuing an executive order to DCS to ensure that all legally married couples be given the same opportunity to adopt under the law.

Ducey said in a statement:

With 17,000 children under the state’s care, we need more adoption in Arizona, not less. That’s why I feel strongly – as I have said many times before – that all loving families should be able to serve as foster parents and adopt.

Practices have been brought to my attention that do not match those priorities, therefore, I’m instructing the Arizona Department of Child Safety to immediately ensure that all legally married couples in Arizona are able to jointly serve as foster parents and adopt. All children deserve a loving home, and under my watch, I’m committed to making sure government encourages that.

Ducey comes across as a typical member of the Christian right, but on this issue he has definitely broken ranks.  As other states move to discriminate as much as possible against gay couples, Ducey seems to understand that the teachings of Christ promote love and compassion, not hatred and fear.

Ducey’s actions probably won’t be received well in his extremely red state, but he doesn’t seem to mind.  He has stood up for equality before, and hopefully that trend will continue.

H/T: AZcentral.com | Image: Adoptions of Wisconsin

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