Westboro Baptist Church Targets ‘Pot Smoking Colorado Pervs’

The Westboro Baptist Church is taking aim at Colorado pot smokers and retailers, according to its official picket schedule.  After a typical rant on their website that includes passages from the Bible that don’t apply, a demonstration is called for outside of two marijuana retailers with the strong words:


According to the schedule they will picket Marisol Therapeutics and Pueblo West organics for a half an hour each on the afternoon of December 29th.  They will also be picketing the Pueblo Courthouse, because “God hates fags” and same-sex marriage is legal as well.

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More from the website godhatesfags.com:

Westboro Baptist Church will picket Marisol Therapeutics (WHAT?! look at fluffy words to obfuscate that you sell POT, a mind altering drug), to warn the living – it is a most dire warning … GOD HATES YOUR SORCERIES!

Oh noes!!!  SORCERY!!!  Their definition of sorcery is from a the Greek word “pharmakeia,” which was translated by King James biblical scholars to mean “witchcraft, poisoner, or  one who administers drugs.”

They’re so with the times.

Today, people who administer drugs are also called “doctors,” nurses” and “pharmacists,” and they save peoples’ lives.

Pot retailers don’t administer drugs, they sell a plant that causes mild euphoria with more medical uses than any other plant on Earth.  Wouldn’t something so effective in its purest form qualify as a gift from God?

To further vilify weed and the people who grow and sell it, the website continues its rant:

Doomed USA leads the world in your illegal drug trade.  As if that were not bad enough, now the government sanctions those drugs. You bring down the wrath of God upon you! God Almighty will get his honor in your destruction! Westboro Baptist Church rejoices at the promised coming full, complete, final destruction! God is true and every man a liar. The mouth of the Lord has spoken of this event, so it WILL be!

How anyone can possibly belong to an organization this extreme in modern times boggles the mind.  They are most definitely out there, however, and they are coming for you, Colorado.

Make sure to take lots of pictures and videos.  Regular people love to laugh at lunatics.

H/T: The Cannabist | Image: Twitter


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