WATCH: Stephen Colbert Makes Homophobes’ Heads Explode By Getting His Gay On Live On Air

Late Show host Stephen Colbert is awesome. He is open and accepting of all people, and he proved that once more on a recent edition of his television show. Colbert had actor Andrew Garfield on as a guest, and the opening question was about Garfield’s kissing fellow actor Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes this past Sunday night.

Garfield explained that the kiss was to let his friend know that even though he lost the award to Ryan Gosling, he still loved and supported him. Then, Colbert asked Garfield about his comfort level when it comes to kissing other men. Garfield said, “I mean, I don’t even understand the question.” Colbert agreed, and said he was comfortable with the idea himself. That’s when Garfield leaned in for a smooch. It happened not once, but twice – and was quite steamy. When asked about it later, and specifically whether or not there was tongue involved, Garfield said:

“It’s not a real kiss if it’s not slightly french.”

I concur. All true kisses definitely involve tongue.

This is an important moment, because Donald Trump is busily filling our government with some of the most homophobic people imaginable. The more people who come out in favor of being comfortable with same-sex love, the better to combat the Trump Administration and the GOP Congress’s homophobic agenda.

Thank you Andrew Garfield and Stephen Colbert!

Watch the clip below:

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Featured image via screen capture from Late Show Twitter

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