Unbelievable: Marco Rubio Plans To Use The Orlando Massacre To Relaunch His Career

Hugh Hewitt, a right-wing radio host, tweeted that Marco Rubio is now reconsidering staying in the Senate because of the mass murder of at least 50 people at a gay club in Orlando, Florida:

If you’ll recall, Rubio was one of the numerous Republicans to vote against a bill introduced last year to prevent felons, the mentally ill and suspected terrorists from buying guns. Why? According to Rubio, because “freedom.” According to reality, Rubio is the NRA’s lapdog. He has just as much blood on his hands as the gun industry which makes the following even more obscene:

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“I’ve been deeply impacted by it,” Rubio told Hewitt. “I think when it visits your home state, when it impacts a community you know well, it really gives you pause to think a little bit about your service to your country and where you can be most useful to your country.”

Rubio denied that he was reconsidering his future explicitly from “a political perspective,” but said “it most certainly has impacted my thinking in general, at least, about a lot of things.”

“My family and I will be praying about all of this,” he added. “And we’ll see what I need to do next with my life with regard to how I can best serve.”

There’s so much hypocrisy here it’s hard to know where to begin. Aside from doing everything in his power to block any and all gun regulation, Rubio has spent years bashing the LGBT community to score points with his bigoted base. I can only assume that when he says “when it impacts a community you know well” he must not be talking about the gay community. If he actually knew them well, he wouldn’t be so opposed to marriage equality, anti-discrimination laws and allowing same sex couples to adopt.

And how, exactly, would Rubio “best serve” if he were to remain in the Senate? Would he start championing LGBT rights? Would he denounce the hate speech masquerading as political rhetoric from his fellow Republicans? Would he take up the cause of keeping guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists?

Or, more likely, would he continue the one-two punch of creating an atmosphere of anti-LGBT hate and fear while making guns easily available and then profess shock when someone acts on the fear and hate he and his fellow Republicans have fomented? Hopefully, he’ll keep praying about all of this because it’s done so much to prevent more bloodshed.

Go away, Marco. You’ve done enough damage already.

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