Tylenol ‘Promotes Lesbianism In New Commercial’ According To The Christian News Network

The Christian News Network is outraged over a new Tylenol advertisement that shows a blended family with a lesbian couple celebrating Thanksgiving.


Freedom From Want (Image courtesy of WikiMedia)

Tylenol has produced a series of video advertisements called “For What Matters Most,” which focuses on American families. One of them features a modern, blended family that includes a lesbian couple with two sons. The recorded message is based upon to the iconic Norman Rockwell painting Freedom From Want.

Abigail Rockwell, the iconic illustrator’s granddaughter, opens the commercial with this wonderful statement:

Norman Rockwell painted America’s story for sixty-plus years. Our definition of family is now expanding and blossoming, so it’s not this rigid, fixed picture of what the family is.

Unfortunately, many of the readers at The Christian News Network don’t share Abigail Rockwell’s acceptance and celebration of the ever-evolving concept of what family means in America.
A few choice comments sum it all up for the readers of the conservative website, The Christian News Network.
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The Christian News Network

Watch the video yourself and see if it depicts a healthy, happy, and diverse American family, or the “gay lobby” that “bullies everyone into their way of thinking” that the Christian News Network sees.

Feature image: from the ‘For What Matters Most’ series produced by Tylenol.

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