Trump Takes Credit For ‘Being Right’ About Muslims In SICKENING Twitter Brag

Proving once again that he is an unrepentant narcissist and a total douchebag, Donald Trump had one of the worst reactions yet to the tragic shooting at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub, one of the biggest gay bars in Florida. Instead of tweeting condolences like any decent person who chose to respond would do, Trump decided to congratulate himself on being “right” about “radical Islamic terrorism.” Here is the tweet:

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This seems to be a hint that Trump is about to double down on his plan to ban Muslims from entering the United States, and is likely a way to amp the Islamophobia among his bigoted base while he’s at it. This should come as no surprise, as bigotry is pretty much the order of the day among Trump and his supporters. Further, he has made no mention of the fact that this was a targeted attack against a long-marginalized group of people, the LGBT community, during Pride month. Funny how he doesn’t seem to worry about these victims.

In contrast, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sent a serious, somber tweet of condolence and solidarity in response to this tragedy via her own twitter:

This is how a real presidential candidate – or any one with even a shred of decency, for that matter – reacts to such a terrible event. Now, think about that in comparison to Trump’s self-serving tweet.

This is narcissism at its worst. It’s just another piece of proof in a long line that all Donald Trump cares about is Donald Trump, even in the wake of the worst mass shooting in United States history. If this doesn’t tell people what kind of sick bastard Donald Trump is, I don’t know what will.

Featured image via John Moore/Getty Images

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