Trump Halts His Assault On Gay Rights After Americans Tell Him To Back The F*ck Off

Yesterday, we reported that the Trump administration was working on a new executive order, set to be released by the end of the week, that would go after gay people. The details were scant, but sources within the White House had freely admitted that portions were going to be horrific. Taking away the fight of gay couples to adopt children was being discussed. The protections Obama put into place to protect the LGBT community from work-place discrimination was, too.

It was going to be very, very bad.

And that rightfully pissed off a lot of Americans – including yours truly – who had just spent years fighting for the equal rights of members of the LGBT community. No way are we going back now.

And it appears that Trump got the message. In an uncharacteristic move, the White House released a panicky announcement saying they were not going to pursue anti-gay executive orders (at this time – stay vigilant!).

This statement suggests that, contrary to Trump’s own words, the protests, the rallies, the outrage is having an effect on moral at the White House. Having faced continuous marches since the day after his inauguration, Trump appears to want to avoid starting yet another forest fire in his second week in office. To follow up on his cruel order to tear refugees away from their families with an edict to do the same to gay families and adopted children was the bridge too far.

Does this mean the work is done?


If the first two weeks of Trump’s time in office tell us anything, it’s that those who oppose his policies cannot afford to drop their guard even for a second. Mike Pence, one of the most prominent homophobes in the country, is still Trump’s right-hand man. Steve Bannon, Trump’s closest advisor, was – and may still be – a big fan of using the word “dykes” as a slur to demean gay women. These are a collection of men who hate gay people in the same way you and I breathe air. Making matters worse, Trump has already repeatedly lied while in office. Saying he will not go after gay rights doesn’t carry much weight when he also said his Muslim ban wasn’t a Muslim ban. He likes using “alternative” facts.

So let’s celebrate this shutting down of Trump’s latest hateful plans, but let’s also get ready for it to rear its ugly head again soon.

Featured image via Andrew Harrer – Pool/Getty Images

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