This Creepy Anti-Gay PSA From The 50s Could Have Been Written By Today’s Republicans (VIDEO)

When you mention the 1950’s to people who remember, it’s either a time of nostalgia or one of McCarthyism, racism, and all manner of discrimination.

Most of us probably don’t remember the 50’s, but we would like to imagine that things have changed a lot. We would like to imagine that the world is more accepting. We’d like to imagine that bigotry of all sorts has faded away.

If the last several years, and especially the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana have taught us anything, it’s that bigotry is still alive and well.

To be fair, things have gotten better for many of us. Women may not have total equality, but we can buy real estate and have our own credit cards. There’s still a lot of work to be done, though.

African-Americans have theoretical equality, although reality paints a much different picture.

Gay marriage is becoming reality across the country and after the Supreme Court rules later this year, it may be national, but bigotry toward the LGBT community rivals that of the 50’s in many ways.

There is more acceptance, but to many, gay people are automatically pedophiles or the latest, someone who has sex with animals.

This is an actual public service video from the 50’s that labeled gay people as sick and contagious predators, and I’m sure many Republicans would be nodding their heads right along with it.

Here’s the video:

Featured Image via video screengrab

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