This Artist’s Powerful Gun Control Message Is Stopping Traffic In West Hollywood

If you drive down a particular block in West Hollywood, you’re going to be greeted by a disturbing site: 50 bodies draped across the roof of an otherwise normal-looking house. In the middle of the carnage is a sign: 50 DEAD PEOPLE  #GUNCONTROL.

The “bodies” aren’t really bodies, of course; they’re mannequins; part of a project called “No One Is Safe” and the house belongs to one ChadMichael Morrisette. Morrisette, a graphic artist and brand consultant, wanted to make a statement of solidarity with his fellow members of he LGBT community:

I’m not celebrating today. I’m not going to Pride,” Morrisette texted his boyfriend, after waking Sunday morning, his 36th birthday, and watching the reported death toll from the tragedy rise. “Instead, I started working.”

It took the visual artist, who also operates his own business as a brand consultant, four hours to put together the roof display, with the help of a few friends, who Morrisette called “loving enough to come and celebrate that way.”

According to the LA Times, each mannequin has a different face and suffers from various degrees of damage, both to reflect that each victim was an individual and that their bodies were broken by hate:

Some have damage you can’t see from a distance. Pulling them from a pile of broken bodies, it began to make it a little bit more real,” Morrisette quietly explained. “It wasn’t beauty being represented. It was shattered and broken.

Here’s a video of the display:

But as moving and powerful as Morrisette’s message is, it remains to be seen if Republicans will dare to go against the orders of the NRA and the gun industry. Despite an overwhelming number of Americans fully support taking common sense steps to curb the rampant gun violence in America, the NRA has been able to easily intimidate Congress into ignoring the will of the people in order to keep selling guns.

Even as we come to terms with the sheer horror that occurred in Orlando, I don’t see how anything will change until the GOP is out of power and the NRA loses its death grip on our government.

Featured image via screencap

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