There’s A Bigot Who’s Likely Regretting His Decision To Gay Bash This West Point Couple

When newlyweds Daniel and Larry Lennox-Choate decided to go out to a bodega to grab some food, they likely didn’t think they would run into much trouble. Especially in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.

However, one man decided he would confront the couple by yelling homophobic slurs at them and even going so far as to punch Daniel.

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What the assailant likely didn’t realize, was that the men he was accosting were actually the first gay couple to be married at West Point, the infamous United States Military Academy, from which they have both graduated. So, let’s just say, he didn’t fare too well in this altercation with the couple, especially after Larry laid a punch that likely knocked him cold.

Here’s the description of the altercation from Larry as he posted it on Facebook:

It’s hard to believe that in 2015 we would have to deal with anti-gay hate crimes in soho of all places but that’s what happened today. First off- we’re ok. Aside from one fat lip and a sore punching arm, we are fine. The guy who screamed anti-gay obscenities at us in a bodega before sucker-punching Danny? He left covered in his own blood with his tail between his legs after I handled the situation and tossed him in the street like the coward loser he is. The hate crimes division of the NYPD is on the case and we have full faith a positive outcome will follow. We refuse to be victims and are thankful we can defend ourselves, but are saddened by the fact that idiots like this guy might not pick two guys who went through Plebe Boxing next time.

The NYPD tweeted this out not too long after the incident, as they were lucky enough to have a witness capture a photo:

It’d be funnier if it wasn’t so sad that same-sex couples still have to put up with this bullsh*t in the year 2015. However, I doubt anyone will likely mess with this couple again.

Featured image: Facebook

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