Texas GOP Lawmaker Thinks ‘A Quick Look In The Mirror’ Will Cure ‘Gender Confusion’

Texas Republican State Rep. Debbie Riddle (best known for filing two bills that would have penalized transgender Texans for using public restrooms) is making the news again. This time, it’s for her outrageous and cruel comments regarding a new policy put in place by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

The new policy recognizes the human rights of prisoners and makes it easier for incarcerated transgender people to receive medically necessary treatments. In response to this, she said:

I suggest [their] confusion could be ended with a quick look in the mirror after a shower. Then, what they see is what they are. End of story.” She continues to say, “This gender confusion is over the top!

Her rant goes on:

This is Texas, not New York or California and for the State of Texas to be paying for a felon to receive hormone treatment for a sex change is commensurate with the lack of spine by our elected leaders.

As if trans people in Texas are different from those in California and New York…

She really is unbelievable to suggest that the rights of people in Texas aren’t the same as those in other states, and to say that a trans person’s “confusion” might be cured by a quick look in the mirror, is unforgivably cold-blooded.

To attempt to deny people basic human rights such as medical care is simply disgusting and goes against everything that America stands for.

Sadly, this type of evil, callous language from Riddle is not a total surprise. She once stated that undocumented people have “anchor babies” in order to stay in the US and commit terrorist attacks. In 2003, she suggested that to provide Texas children with quality education could be equated to Russian communism, “straight out of the pit of hell.”

Unfortunately, this is the way Republicans like Debbie Riddle think. While spouting off about how much they care about America and its citizens, they completely contradict themselves with the blatant disregard and dehumanization of trans people, the LGBT community as a whole, women and children, as well as people seeking asylum or citizenship in this country. This cruel and antiquated way of thinking has got to stop.

Featured Image via Juanita Jean

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