Sorry Indiana: Third Of Millennials Have No Religious Affiliation (IMAGE)

One of the many severely flawed arguments (in the time it took to write that sentence, they just made another one) from the religious right is that America is a Christian nation. Of course, it only takes one functioning brain cell (or a swift Google search) to discover that these sanctimonious false prophets and revisionists cynically co-opt and exploit scripture so as to satisfy their ridiculously backwards social agenda.

Take Indiana, for example. Somehow believing that the rest of the country would be totally okay with it being the 1950s, Indiana’s Republican Governor possibly circumvented the 14th amendment when he signed the religious discrimination bill into law. Thus, making it essentially illegal to be gay in the state of Indiana. It’s a good thing Indiana kind of sucks and no gay people would want to go there anyway.

But even if facts are for terrorist members of ISIS and Republicans treat them like an NFL player treats his girlfriend, a new study revealed that millennials are increasingly irreligious. 

A new study put out by the Public Religion Research Institute found that “unaffiliated” is the single most common religious identity among the latest generation of voters.

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via PRRI, American Values Atlas, 2014

via PRRI, American Values Atlas, 2014


Basically, the only time a millennial prays is when the WiFi kicks out.

And when it comes to gay marriage, approval among millennial voters is at an all-time high, The Pew Research Center poll found 70 percent of adults born in 1981 or later support marriage equality, and 74 percent of millennials say they believe gay and lesbian individuals should be accepted by society, while only 22 percent disagree. So it would appear that Republicans like Mike Pence simply love alienating voters as much as they like taking away voters. It may sound insane, but gay people like to vote as much as they like to eat and buy things.

Given these increasingly changing attitudes by millennials on religion, hopefully we will begin to see less Mike Pences in government and more atheist and irreligious representatives.

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