Son Of Fred Phelps Mocks Family, Thanks Them For ‘Driving Decent People’ To ‘Equality And Justice’

The Westboro Baptist Church is (in)famous for their antics; protesting funerals, their offensive signs, and being obnoxious twits on Twitter. But according to a Facebook post by the censured son of the late church founder, they may also be responsible — at least in part — for turning the tide in favor of gay marriage.

Or, Nate Phelps thanked them for it anyway, in a sarcastic Facebook post made on Friday after the SCOTUS ruling was handed down — proving that when dealing with bigots, the best compliments are of the backhanded type.

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“Cruelty of anti-gay sentiment”

Nathan “Nate” Phelps, a LGBT rights activist and author of several books about his experience with the Westboro Baptist Church, left the church his father built in the 1980, after being estranged from it. When death’s hand took Fred Phelps last year, Nate mourned “the man [his father] could have been.”

There was no morning on Friday, however.

Instead, Friday was a cause for celebration:

Nathan Phelps

A special thank you to my family of birth for relentlessly and colourfully demonstrating the cruelty of anti-gay sentiment, thus driving decent people away from hatred and into the arms of justice and equality.

The WBC is the true face of anti-gay sentiments, and if we should thank them for anything, it’s being honest. They don’t bother couching their hatred in anything other than gleeful sadism. This is what sets them apart from other right-wingers, who try to wrap their hatred in flowery language and couple it with phrases like “but I don’t hate gay people.”

Except they do. And they know they do. And now everyone knows they do — and that’s why they lost.

Featured image via composite; rainbow flag via Wikimedia Commons

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