So Few Bigots Came To Anti-Gay Group’s D.C. ‘March For Marriage’, People Are Stopping By To Laugh

The so-called National Organization for Marriage is an anti-LGBT hate group, albeit a joke of one. Their influence is pretty much gone now, since the Supreme Court has made marriage equality the law of the land and their only reason for existing was to stop marriage equality from becoming a reality. However, that does not stop them from having anti-marriage hate rallies, which they did at the Supreme Court on Saturday. The problem is, though, almost nobody showed up. It seems that only the most ardent and dedicated of bigots bothered to venture out into the summer heat to shout about something that affects their lives in no way whatsoever.

Progressive writer Peter Montgomery tweeted the hilarious scene where there were more folks laughing at the idiots than there were joining them:

Zack Ford of Think Progress was live tweeting there as well, and he noticed a pretty depressing tactic the group was trying to use to make it look like people actually showed up.

He also saw folks out there preaching love against NOM’s hate:

This is a great reminder that there are still many haters out there, especially in the wake of Orlando. However, NOM really should just hang it up. They’ve been active for many years now, and they aren’t even getting attention from professional Congressional haters such as Mike Huckabee ( I guess Kim Davis is a more lucrative way to scam the public these days). Hell, even rabid homophobe Rick Santorum was nowhere to be found at this sad excuse for a “march.”

Give it up homophobes. You’re on the losing side of history.

Featured image via Twitter

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