Right-Wing Publisher: If SCOTUS Approves Gay Marriage, States Should Secede Or Homophobes Flee

In anticipation of the U.S. Supreme Court’s long-awaited decision on gay marriage, expected to be issued any day now, the religious right (a.k.a. “homophobes”) have been preparing for the worst. Women with matching wedding bands! Christmas cards addressed to “Mr. and Mr.” and “Mrs. and Mrs.!” Men dancing together – in public – both taking the lead!

But fear not, moral “majority” – the kingpin of right-wing media just thought up a response that will benefit everyone. Evacuate and expatriate! And if that doesn’t work — SECEDE!

In his June 4 editorial, World Nut Net Daily publisher Joseph Farah proposed not just an exit strategy, but an “Exodus strategy.”

I know there are millions of Christians, Jews and others who would pull up stakes and move to another country that honored the institution of marriage as it was designed by God – a union between one man and one woman. […]

Is there one state in 50 that would not only defy the coming abomination, but secede in response? The rewards could be great. I would certainly consider relocating. […]

So here’s the question: Do you want to live in a nation that defines marriage as a union of any two people of any gender? Do you think that will be the end of the story? […]

And here’s the second question: Are there any governors or legislatures out there among the 50 states willing to secede to offer a refuge for the God-fearing?

So let’s answer Farah’s second question first: No, dumbo. A state can’t secede. That was decided by another SCOTUS decision (Texas v. White), way back in 1869 (and post-Civil War, too), that said state secession should not and will not be tolerated. Yeah, yeah – go play with the Rick Perry periwinkles on that one, but it’s still a fact that states cannot legally secede from the United States today.

And now to answer his first question: Don’t want to live here if gay marriage is tolerated? Then GTFO! Move! Leave!

If you think it’s okay to force people to live under your personal (and minority) religious beliefs, but won’t tolerate laws that only call for tolerance, then move to a country that agrees with you.

Alert your travel agent to scratch Canada off the list, though. And Spain, too. And Belgium, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Iceland, Portugal, Argentina, France, Denmark, Uruguay, the UK, New Zealand, Brazil, Finland, Luxembourg, and (of recent addition) Ireland, too. Because the right to gay marriage is recognized in each of those modern-day, first-world nations.

Instead, try relocating to one of the countries that specifically outlaws gay marriage – all of which are in underdeveloped regions of Africa, the Middle East, and southern Asia. (And let’s just see how well you practice what you call “Christianity” in Syria or Sri Lanka.)

And when you get there, Farah? Send us a friggin’ postcard. Not that we’ll miss your so-called “Christian” (and intolerant, domineering, self-righteous, and homophobic) ass or anything. But just to let us know where you are so we’ll know to stay far away from there.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia

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