Right-Wing Pastor Goes Completely BONKERS: ‘Gays Love Each Other Like Cannibals Love Their Victims’

Right-wingers, especially those of the ultra-religious variety, manage to become more and more bat-sh*t crazy with every passing day. But extremist pastor Kevin Swanson really took it up a notch on his radio show this week when he went completely bonkers in a delusional rant about “gendered-blendered” preschools and “transgendered kindergarten” before proclaiming that “homosexuals love each other,”  just like “cannibals love their victims.”

As Right Wing Watch points out, Swanson isn’t exactly new to this kind of whackjob thinking. He has a long and well-documented history of just this kind of bigotry, justified of course by his own twisted interpretation of religion. But knowing that he has said this kind of stuff before doesn’t make it any more likely that you can listen to his ramblings without repeatedly mumbling WTF to yourself at least a couple of times.

Swanson was losing his sh*t on air about a lesbian kiss that was recently featured in the television program Once Upon a Time. Naturally, he is convinced that this is just more proof of Disney’s ongoing war against God.

Swanson warned that our entire culture is being overtaken by the evil “gay agenda,” most especially the school system.

We’re as bad as we possibly could be as a society,” he stated. “Friends, we’re looking at the entire destruction of sexuality, the entire destruction of the entire civilization … Get your kids out of the gender-neutral schools, get your kids out of the gender-confused mess, pull them away from the wrong discipleship programs and please do not send them to the NAMBLA preschool right down the street or the GLSEN kindergarten or the gender-blendered primary school. Please, do not send them to the NAMBLA pedophilia preschool or the transgendered kindergarten.

Quoting the Bible, Swanson reminded his listeners that it would be better to have a millstone hung around your neck and be drowned in the sea than to cause a child to sin.

Woe to the man that transgenders the restrooms in the public schools,” Swanson declared. “Woe to the man who opens up the floodgates to every form of sexual perversion for 12-year-olds, 14-year-olds, 16-year-olds and 18-year-olds. Woe to the parents that open up the floodgates, the opportunities, the discipleship programs for children to attend the gender-blendered schools, the GLSEN kindergarten program.

He never does explain what the heck a “gender-blendered school” is, or just why he thinks someone is running a network of transgender kindergarten classes, or how you go about transgendering a restroom for that matter. But hey, that’s one of the perks of being a conservative radio show host these days. You don’t actually have to make any sense at all to rile up your base and convince them that the end is nigh and we’re all gonna burn in hell.

Swanson then warns that the entire nation “is on the cusp of judgment.”

Johnny Cash was right,” he said. “God is going to cut you down.

Then came the big one, the most bigoted, offensive, and downright ridiculous portion of his latest right-wing nut job diatribe. The cannibals.

Yeah, I know homosexuals love each other,” he concluded, just like “cannibals love their victims” because “they taste good.

Listen to Swanson’s unhinged ramblings here:


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