Right-Wing Nutjob: The White House Needs An Exorcism Because It’s Overrun With ‘Homosexual Demons’

Matt Barber is an anti-LGBTQ pseudo-Christian who teaches at Liberty University. He is the Associate Dean for Career and Professional Development and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law. But what Matt Barber is, mostly, is a raving anti-LGBTQ activist and writer.

He also runs a website called Barb Wire which ran a column by Julio Severo on Monday. Severo is a frequent contributor to the website, and on Monday he had a bone to pick with the White House’s Bisexual Community Briefing held there in September. He waited a while to complain. Maybe he’d just found out about it…?

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Severo wasn’t happy with the stated goal of the Briefing, which was focusing on “policy and cultural issues of significance for the American bisexual community.” Oh noes! Severo believes that any form of sexuality that’s not man-on-top-of-woman-get-it-over-with is caused by demon possession. No, really.

“A homosexual culture is a culture of demon possession… Spirits focused on the invisible, lethal and destructive.”

Sounds like some more holier-than-Thou projection happening there. It is people like Severo are who are destructive. They destroy lives based on nothing more than their dislike or non-understanding of those who lead them. They are not invisible, unfortunately, but they are lethal. When children commit suicide because they are persecuted on account of their sexuality, that’s about as lethal as it can get.

Something else that bothered Severo about the Briefing is that a bisexual Sioux man gave the invocation. Oh, the horror! He’s not clear on what he hated more; that fact that the man was bisexual or that he prayed differently, calling upon Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit. Because you know all them durn Injun religions are demon-based (insert eye-roll here). Of course, Severo doesn’t know his Red Path from Voodoo, so you know he doesn’t have any idea what he is talking about. Severo also seems to be ignorant of the Native American tradition of the “two-spirit” people.  Not that he’d understand it anyway. Not when he uses language like this:

“An interaction between spirits of homosexuality and Indian religions is not uncommon. In Brazil, the most prominent homosexualists are adherents of African and Indian religions, very similar to voodoo. These religions embrace all forms of homosexuality as a gift from their ‘gods.’ Such deities are considered demons in the Christian worldview.”

It is a well-known fact that, when one religion supplants another in a culture, the old gods must be demonized. This is one reason that Satan has the attributes of the god Pan. Christianity sees all gods that aren’t their tribal desert deity as demons. And any religion that worships these old gods is evil. Therefore, a prayer from a Sioux to his version of God is, be default, demonic.

The fact that it happened in the White House is cause, in Severo’s pea brain, to bring in the exorcists. Because the White House has become a “haunt of demons.”

“Their (homosexual demons) presence is in the place where they were invoked, until their expelling, which can be done only by people who know and use the authority of Jesus’ name.”

Honestly, I don’t know whether to laugh at such nonsense or laugh really hard at such nonsense. These people like Severo, who see demons under every rock, behind every door and — most destructively — inside every person who is not just like them are the aberration. They are the ones who need to be cleansed. Because Jesus? He wouldn’t be getting his robes in a twist about someone calling God Wakan Tanka or loving without considering gender. No, He’d have more important things to do. Like feed the hungry, heal the sick and comfort the suffering.

Julio Severo and Matt Barber and those like them are pseudo-Christians. They have perverted the teachings of the man they purport to follow. I seriously think that if Jesus were to come back today and see what’s being done in His name, He’d never stop throwing up.

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