Right-Wing Nutjob Says The Fight For LGBTQ Rights Is A Push To Get Rid Of Men

Right-wing radio host Michael Savage blasted the state of Oregon for allowing coverage for transgender people through its Medicaid program, once they reach the age of medical consent. Savage has attacked people like Caitlyn Jenner for being transgender, and has even wondered if President Obama was going to indicate that he had transgender “interests” at some point. To Savage, this is all part of some leftist plot to completely eliminate men.

According to Right Wing Watch, Savage read an email that said more boys will become girls than girls will become boys, and then eventually, the whole country will be girls and they’ll finally get equal pay. Savage said:

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That could be the whole reason behind it. It’s a ‘compassionate’ thing that the maniacs in Oregon are doing, because if they can eliminate males, and the nation is all girls in let’s say 50 years, well then everything will be perfect, won’t it? Because as you all know, women are better than men, minorities are better than whites. Right? Isn’t that true? Isn’t that the liberal mantra? All minorities are better than whites. All girls are better than men.

Savage also said that gender reassignment surgery is genital mutilation on that show.

What, exactly, does Savage think the left would accomplish by eliminating men? Feminists, who tend to be on the left of the political spectrum, are working to tear down oppressive structures in the fight for equality. They don’t want to eliminate men. They don’t think women are better than men. They’re realistic about the fact that women and men should be on equal footing. It’s not about elevating women above men.

The transgender community factors into that because fighting to tear down oppressive structures must necessarily include all oppressive structures, not just the ones that affect only women, or only gay men, or only transgender people. To fight for equality, one must fight for all equality. Not just some.

Of course, people like Savage, who are suffering from distress of the privileged, find this distressing. Men are dominant in positions of power, and men who think like Savage don’t want to lose that dominance, any more than people like Bryan Fischer want to see Christianity lose its dominance as the Right, Good and True™ way of thinking.

Savage is cowering in fear because the world is changing around him in ways he doesn’t like, and he feels powerless to stop it. He’ll pile on the hate and the derogatory comments as a way of lashing out against change he feels shouldn’t be happening. We aren’t looking to make men obsolete, but people with his way of thinking may soon be.

Featured image by Ted Eytan. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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