Right-Wing KKKristian: Supporting LGBT Rights ‘Far More Serious Problem’ Than Supporting Slavery

The recent victory at the Supreme Court should put down any concerns about the religious right’s attack on LGBT rights, but if Roe v. Wade is any indication, the religious right is not going down without a fight.

Joining in this fight is religious right leader Doug Wilson, a self-described “paleo-confederate.”  While responding to Matthew Vine’s piece entitled “40 Questions for Christians who oppose marriage equality,” Wilson claimed that support for gay marriage is a “far more serious problem” than supporting slavery.

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40 Questions

Vines’ piece was a response to another piece, an article published on The Gospel Coalition called “40 Questions for Christians now waving rainbow flags,” by Kevin DeYoung. DeYoung trots out the usual right-wing Christian arguments against gay marriage, debunked a thousand times in the past but still used because the religious right, has no sense of self-awareness.

Matthew Vines, a gay Christian and supporter of LGBT rights, stepped up with 40 questions of his own, directed at right-wing Christians like DeYoung. Vines is famous for a speech he gave before College Hill United Methodist Church where he expressed support for LGBT relationships. The video of his 2012 speech then went viral across various social media platforms.

Into this interfaith dialogue stepped Doug Wilson, a supporter of Christian Patriarchy, cut from the same cloth as Bill Gothard and the Duggar family.

Doug Wilson and the question of slavery

As you might expect from a person who refers to himself as a “paleo-confederate,” his views on slavery are not ambivalent. Wilson, who lives in Idaho, has made morally and ethically questionable statements about slavery in general and Antebellum slavery in particular before.

In 1996, Doug Wilson, working with co-author Steve Wilkins, published a book called Southern Slavery As It Was, where he attempted to defend slavery as being “patriarchal.” He also refers to the Antebellum South as “the last nation of the first Christendom.”

Wilson’s been trying to distance himself from the book since, but that hasn’t stopped him from stepping into it again when he claimed, “Abortion is at least as great an evil for black culture as slavery was.”

And again, with the recent responses to Matthew Vines:

16. Do you think supporting same-sex marriage is a more serious problem than supporting slavery?

Yes, far more serious.

17. Did you spend any time studying the Bible’s passages about slavery before you felt comfortable believing that slavery is wrong?


While he notes that slavery “is a sinful institution” later, it doesn’t erase his claim that allowing consenting adults to marry and partake of the benefits from being married is “far more serous” a problem than the support for slavery.

It’s rather telling that their idea of a Christian nation is one that supports slavery based on racial elements (justified by the story of Ham in the Bible). That the best example of patriarchal Christianity is rotten to its evil, treasonous core should tell you everything you need to know about the Christian patriarchy.

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