REVEALED: The Horrifyingly Violent, Bigoted Environment At Trump Rallies (TWEETS)

Donald Trump has repeatedly and unapologetically shown that he is an absolute bigot. He has pledged to ban Muslims from traveling to the United States based on nothing more than what faith they practice, said horrible things about women, called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, and said many other things that really should disqualify him from seeking the office of the presidency. However, if you think the great orange monster is bad, he is nothing – and I mean nothing – compared to his deranged supporters.

A blogger, political writer, and professor by the name of Jared Yates Sexton courageously waded into a Trump rally to see if it was really as bad as it appears to be from the clips we’ve all seen on television and online, and it was not as bad – it was much, much worse.

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First, Sexton revealed what it’s like to even attempt to get in, and it’s not pretty:

Making it even more clear that only a certain type of person can be trusted as a true, dyed in the wool Trump supporter, the professor himself was targeted:

But that is nothing compared to what happened when the real action started. When Trump appeared in front of his nutty worshipers, they really got out of control. Any time Trump let Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s name leave his lips, the crowd would erupt in shouts of “BITCH!”

And as if that weren’t bad enough, this rally took place in Greensboro, North Carolina, shortly after the shooting in Orlando that ravaged a gay nightclub and took the lives of 49 people. Instead of horror, the crowd said awful things about the LGBTQ community and even the shooting when Trump mentioned it, including one supporter who said, “the gays had it coming.”

And of course, there were threats and requests for violence against anyone who dares to protest this sick Trump cult:

Another twitter user storyboarded the entire series of tweets here.

In addition to live tweeting this horrible truth about what the pro-Trump movement is really about, Sexton also blogged it. He encountered vendors in the parking lot of the event, where they were yelling slogans and selling shirts and other goods with anti-Hillary messages such as,“Hillary For Prison ’16, ” and “Trump That Bitch.”

His evening only got worse from there. We’re just glad he made it out alive. You can read the entire harrowing story here, on Sexton’s blog.

Featured image via John Moore/Getty Images

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