Republican Lawmaker Wants Children To Have Genital Inspections Before Playing School Sports

Roger Hunt is a Republican State Representative in South Dakota. He and other Republican lawmakers in the state are upset over a law that was passed there last year. The law allows students to decide what gender they identify as, and therefore, which gendered group they can compete in when they play school sports.

State Rep. Hunt came up with what can only be described as a “truly Republican idea” to solve this problem. His proposed law says that minor children in our public schools will be forced to submit themselves to an inspection of their genitals by the school district, in order to be qualified to play school sports in whichever gender segment they wish to compete.

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Let’s think about this a moment. Republican Roger Hunt wants children to display their genitals to school administration before they are allowed to play school sports. Really?

I have seen a lot of sickening trash from Republicans for the past few years, but this guy is literally trying to legalize pedophilia. I am so tired of crusty, shriveled, flabby, old, ignorant trolls who think that their elected position as a Republican is there solely for them to publicly troll their constituents while engaging in sick personal inclinations.

School employees have been charged with sex crimes for doing things like this in the past, more times than can be easily counted. This Republican wants to legalize this. He wants to make it legal for adult school employees to force children to display their genitals to them.

Rep. Hunt has been known to try to use his public office and taxpayer funded job to openly troll citizens of the state in the past. He tried to enact a bill in 2011 making surrogacy illegal and force parental rights to remain with the birth mother, regardless of whether she was the genetic mother. It would also have made it a felony for anyone to help create surrogacy agreements, for doctors to help with any medical procedures related to them and civil penalties for any intended parent in an agreement.

Unsurprisingly, he also co-sponsored one of the popular and infamous anti-LGBT “religious freedom bills” that have been popular with bigoted cake makers and pizza shops. What a gem.

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