Religious Bigot Sues Bakery For Refusing To Put His Hate-Filled Message On Bible-Shaped Cake

A Christian man walked into a bakery in Colorado and asked for a Bible-shaped cake. Marjorie Silva, who runs the bakery, does cakes for all occasions, and doesn’t care whether you’re gay, straight, Christian, atheist, or anything else. Silva told the man the cake was no problem, because they do Christian-themed cakes all the time. It wasn’t until the man pulled out what he wanted written on the cake that Silva began to have a problem.

According to “The New Civil Rights Movement,” Silva wasn’t allowed to make a copy of the note, but said:

He wouldn’t allow me to make a copy of the message, but it was really hateful. I remember the words detestable, disgrace, homosexuality, and sinners.

And one of her employees said:

He wanted us to write God hates… Just really radical stuff against gays.

This goes beyond asking a bakery to serve you despite who you are or what you look like, or accept you for who you are, but this man clearly doesn’t know that, because he’s filed a religious discrimination complaint against the bakery. If Silva had said, “Sorry, we don’t do Christian-themed cakes here,” he’d actually have a case. However, Silva said she’d make the cake, but wouldn’t but his desired message on it. It’s not likely she’d put that kind of a message on it for anybody. If you won’t provide a specific service to anybody, it’s no longer discrimination.

People have come out in support of the bakery on Reddit, with comments such as the following:




Unfortunately, others have taken a different point of view. “Liberty News” spun it to sound like Silva’s bakery is a gay bakery, and they report that there’s this horrible “double standard,” because of course, gay bakeries won’t make Christian-themed cakes and that’s perfectly fine, but Christian bakeries all get sued when they refuse to bake any cake for a same-sex wedding.

“Liberty News” also says that this man had made a conscious decision to test whether he could get “gay” bakeries to make Christian-themed cakes. All of the allegedly “gay” bakeries turned this poor, persecuted Christian guy down, thus offering further proof of this alleged double standard.

They said nothing whatsoever about what the man wanted on the cakes, so those who are eating this up aren’t getting anything like the full story. They’re saying:






Such utter insanity here. As stated before, there’s no double standard going on, but there is a false equivalence. Asking a bakery to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding that doesn’t contain messages of hate should be fine. Asking a bakery to bake a religious cake featuring a message of hate is entirely different. If this complaint goes to court, we hope the judge laughs him all the way out of the building.


Featured image by Tristan Ferne. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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